About Us


Who We Are

JS Contractor, Inc. was formally founded in September 27, 1977 and is the first land-based recruitment agency in the Philippines to be accredited with ISO 9002 standards. It sources, screens, selects, processes, and deploys competent Filipino manpower to any part of the world.

To provide jobs for people and the right people for jobs overseas has been our unchanged and tested goal and philosophy. We seek to provide outstanding customer service by sourcing from across the country the diverse Filipino skills and talents and bringing together the highest caliber candidates for overseas deployment. This is attained through our provincial branch office in Cebu, our computerized applicant inventory, our on-line registration, professional screening, trade testing, and continuous quality control. To date, we are one of the largest supplier of Filipino workers in the Philippine overseas recruitment industry - a feat achieved through responsiveness, care, and professionalism we have demonstrated to satisfied clients and candidates over the years.


The JS Contractor Search Tool

Finally there is a webtool that makes recruiting and deploying filipino talent easy. Subcribers can find, recruit and deploy filipino talents at the safety of their office or home. www.js-contractor.com is a webtool that helps HR heads and  business owners find and recruit the best Filipino talent. It will guide the user from finding the right filipino worker to the process of deploying the talent to their work site. 

Subscribers will be assigned their own personal recruitment officer that will be available thru our own instant messaging system. These recuitment officers  will shortlist, facilatate interviews and assist subcribers in deploying filipino talent.